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We 're not given more than we can handle.

Sometimes I take on more than I can comfortably manage - that's one
of the ways in which my life becomes unmanageable. It happens when
I'm operating according to self-will rather than the will of a Higher

I believe that God does not expect more of me than I can produce, that
along with the challenges and difficulties I encounter comes the
strength I need to cope with them and learn from them. When chaos
threatens, I'm either taking on more than I should, or I'm not using the
resources available to me.

With recovery, we learn to arrange our priorities so that we do not get
worn out with compulsive activity and busyness. Everything becomes
more manageable when we're not trying to run the show by ourselves.
Solid experience teaches us that support is always at hand, that our
Higher Power comes through for us when we ask for help.

I will face today's tasks, confident that I will be given the ability to
accomplish my Higher Power's will for me.


12/17/2005 10:06:48 PM
Donna S