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            Hi my name is Donna and I am an alcoholic and addict.
     I have 2 years this month ( 1/30) and the journey 
 has been wonderful !! so far. 
            Only by the Grace of a Loving God have I managed 
to survive One Day at a Time.
          I can't get enough!! Coming from me that says a lot.
This is NOT my first time in the rooms.
                   I came in the program in 1987, only to go back out in 1993.
       I shared at a meeting the other day how this time
       2 years means so much to me. As  I found in my draw
                   my first 2 year coin, and I don't remember even getting it.
                     I did not!! want to be clean and sober  the first time in. 
I came in for all the wrong reasons. 
                        I was  not drinking  or using for 6 years, but I was NOT ready.
                    I know that Today, only because When I walked into
a meeting almost 2 years ago I was tired, beat
                         and could not stop on my own, no matter how I tried.
I knew in my heart I was ready this time.
I was ready to let go and let God in.
I did 90&90 plus.
                     I wasn't working at the time and I thank God for that,
 as I went to as many meetings as I could.
                                       I found through my youngest son how to work this dang computer , 
                                      and he got me into yahoo. From there I found F.O.B.W. chat room.
          I met many people in that chat room who were willing
to take some time and talk to me.
           Even the ones that didn't I learned from them also.
           See, I have learned Today that I can Learn from all.
Take what I need from them and leave the rest. 
We are all here for the same reason.
                   But we all work our own program, the 12 steps of Recovery.
                             What I have learned is that I am a Good Person and I am NOT a door mat.
                            I have learned it is ok to express my opinion, not all might like it, but it is mine.  
                Today I try hard to be my own person. I know 1 thing,
 My Program comes first over everything else !!
                             If I don't work my Program I will lose what I have gotten so far.
( and I have grown so much in this past year)
           Eventually (I know for me) end up drinking and using.
           So I keep close to the program and Keep close with
                      my net of people and meetings (when my health is good)
                     When I can not make face to face meetings , I have made sure
              I found a group on line. The group I found and
                 I thank God  for is SoberVoices.  
This year has not been an easy year for me.
I have been very sick most of it, and had surgery
 but I didn't choose to drink or use over it.
                           I used People in the program. I used the phone 
( a biggie for me)
                                     I talked about my fears with people I came to trust over the past year.
                And you know what ??? I GOT THROUGH IT!!!
                 I love meeting new people at meetings and listening to their
                                story. And the plus is I always leave the meeting feeling better about me.
I can NOT say enough about this wonderful
                        fellowship and all the wonderful people I have met.
Keep Coming Back, It Works!
      God Bless

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