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Thank you For Listening to me, When I needed Someone to hear.
I could always Count on You To lend A sympathetic ear.
Thank you For Standing by me, When I needed Support.
I could always Count on You For a clear And Honest rapport.
Thank you For Being 'square' with me, When I lied to myself.
My friend You Opened my eyes To the truth,
When I felt There was nothing left
Thank you For Believing in me, When I did not.. Believe in myself.
I could always Count on You, My friend Do you know How much I appreciate All Your gracious help.
Thank you For Your warmth, When I was cold And Afraid.
My friend You were Always, By my side And There you stayed.
Thank you For keeping The door open, When I thought There was nowhere To go...
Thank you For Your understanding When I lost Control.
I could always Count on You To stay A little bit longer,
Even When you had Other things to do.
Thank you For All the little things,
Which Meant nothing To you, But Meant The world To me.
Thank you, for being Such a great friend!
I could always Count on You!
Thank you For Creating Wonderful memories,
Of The good times We have shared.
And My friend I want You to know
I, Also will Be there. For YOU!

{ ߥ † & Mw }

DS 99' 11/29/99
this page is for my 2 special angels...... :)
LT25 for all the times he has been there for me

and for listening to me in thoses early days

when i was not sure of me,,thank you for sharing

and for showing me LOVE and friendship....

Also special thanks to your lovely wife Sandy who has

helped me in more ways then she realizes.. God Bless you!