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Second annual A.A. Retreat
Cook Forest, PA
May 18 19 20

Cooks Forest: Spring 2001  
Weekend before Memorial Day  
Cook Forest State Park
Cooks Forest: Fall 2001
Weekend after Labor Day
Cook Forest State Park

We had a HOOT of a time in September and hope to see you all again.
PLUS I hope to see ( meet ) more Friends of BillW.
I have listed below some places you can stay.
Get together with others and the cost will be cheaper.
Serenity is the key here .
SO grab a friend and come on and join us for a week -end
of Peace and Serenity around the camp fire.
Plus the wonderful experience of
Serenity Rock
For "peace and cookforest.
Peace and God Bless
ds_avalon_2000= e-mail

Cook Forest Top Hill Cabins

Evergreen Cabins  main camp


Laurel Oaks Cabins