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M"""My Life Has Been Saved"


My Panic Disorderis

My eyes they unfocus and fill up with tears,
Heart counts each beat and flutter with seconds in triple time fear,
Stomach heaves, twitches and twists up in knots,
From fears unknown, again and again our minds create plots,
They tell me it's something with which I must deal,
Sweat beads on my body and suddenly everything seems so unreal,
As my breath turns into short quick gasps,
I sit huddled into a small ball feeling quite trapped,
This disorder I have, it steals from my soul,
All that in my heart so dearly I hold,Alone I sit just me and my fear,
I feel on my face the trace of a tear,
No escape left in sight nor am I able to run,
I dream of the days I was bathed in the sun,
Just sit and wait till it passes and hoping it will,
My mind lies to me of how I should feel,
Panic sweeps over me in waves of shear terror,
Till it slams me inside due to minds error,
Why does this happen? This fright in the night,
It happens in daylight, nothings alright,Flight or Fight? which shall it be,
Its Panic Disorder and it's become me.

by.......... Kelly Burge 1998


DS ..1/19/2000

I found this page while surfing and saw how I lived most of my life.
Fear! Is not a way to live. It took me along time to see the light.
I lived in darkness and fear . I thank the persom who wrote this.
It keeps my memory green. I have a choice to stay in the light
and work on my fears with the help of my HP and my special friends.
I thank God for giving me the strength and courage to become
a better person.