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Here are links that I like and visit... Some are friends I met on here and others I just  came across while surfing.. LOL which I do a lot of,  if I am not chatting or working  here on my site. Please  don't forget to sign my guest book and leave your favorite links or if you have a website PLEASE  let  me know and I will be happy to post  it here . Well have fun surfing and have a great day. God Bless ...ds

This is my brother Ken's site check it out

This is my oldest son Joe's site, PLEASE check it out
He loves to write Poems, he had a couple published


 this is the College My oldest son Joe goes to
He is Majoring In Secondary English. He wants to be a High School English teacher.

 This is the High School where my youngest son Kris goes.
Check it out He was on the bowling Team.
He will be Playing Baseball this season
He is a junior
 my special friend Petra's site. I grew up with her
we did a lot things together she moved  back to Germany
when we were 14 and we have kept in touch all these years.
I miss her and pray someday we will meet again face to face.!

this is my friend Jeff's  sites 

                                                     Recovery & Spiritual Websites.. plus 
                            ( if You have a website and would like to post it on this 
            page please e-mail me and I will be happy to post it )   **EXCELLENT Site**   Tons of links!! **Excellent Site**  
available in 9 languages
** Excellent Site a friend of mine**
always updating
A Website for the Interested NA Member  
Sober Friends on Pal Talk this a lady in my ladiesinaa club  website. It is also has recovery 
 Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) History: Titles and Articles by Dick B.
"Rising Up" Living with A Chronic Illness

"It takes serenity, courage, and wisdom to maintain a healthy attitude when life isn't fair. We can't change the fact that our world is imperfect and things are far from the way they should be, but we can choose the attitude we will take. We need serenity from God to help us change our response to the injustices of life. We need courage to face with optimism the days when we are treated unfairly. We need wisdom to know whether to fight injustice or to make the best of a bad situation." --The Life Recovery Bible p 47 ( this is from "The Life Recovery Bible" p47 and it is in reference to the Serenity Prayer.) I got this in my mail from a club I belong to. If you would like to join this club 
  Alcoholic Anonymous

below are links to Graphics/Backgrounds/Clip Art sites