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Although  this is a box, called cyber world,  It holds many special people in it. Some who have been there for me when I was lost and needed a friend. Who have spent the time with me and truly listened to what I had to say.. Not judge me or criticize what I was saying, but just listened.. Who encouraged me to go on. And in time I  learned from these  special people how to take time out and listen to them ,to others when they were hurting or to just be there sharing good times. These special people I have met here in cyber world are the ones who helped me learn how to stand on my own 2 feet.  That it was ok to make mistakes, but to learn from them. These special people gave me some tools to help me grow and be a better person Today. I am very Grateful to those special people I have met here in cyber world and  hold them very close to my heart Today. They helped opened a door to a life  of Hope.
   And although some people have come into my life and stayed  only a short while , they have touched my inner soul like no other person ever has. 
  A Special friend that I met here in cyber world 2years ago and had the pleasure of meeting him face to face last September, has passed on. I will miss him, but I know he is at Peace today. He was a God Sent and I am Grateful to have met and known him, in the good times and bad. And although we will not be meeting again in person, your presence in chat and at Cooks forest P.A.  will be felt by the ones who truly knew and loved you. I will always remember our "Special Talks" and our lovely walk at Cooks....
    God Rest You Soul my dear sweet friend and know you were loved by many.
I love ya  ds_avalon    also Visit Tjhawks page

bikers last av  double eagles

"It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live."
Marcus Aurelius (121-180)

Don't Cry For Me

Iím sorry that I had to leave you.
A distant voice called me away.
There was so much left for us to share,
so much we never got to say.
But all my pain is far behind me,
confusion finally laid to rest.
I hope my life here had a reason.
What you do now will be the test.

I died too early, but I always knew I would.
I lived life the way I wanted,
and always looked for something good
in everyone.
As I look down upon you now,
my hopes for you are still so strong.
Better to have loved and lost,
but we havenít lost for long.

Donít cry for me, beloved friends.
I've risen beyond this world of fear.
Hold my friendship in your memory,
and always know that I am near.

I know the grief will nearly kill you.
Dry your eyes, and carry on.
Remember me,
for through your lives,
my spirit will live on.

© Toby Baldwin

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