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How to Use the God Box and Blessings Jar


A God Box combined with a Blessings' Jar is a hands-on/hands-off approach in which you can, in a tangible way, turn your life, your problems, your spouse, your child, your loved one(s), your finances, your job or anything else you can think of - over to the care of God. Then, watch God answer your prayers.

This is how it works: Take a colorful strip of paper and write to God about a concern you have. For example, "I need to make the mortgage payment"... "please help my loved one get sober"... "I need a job"... "I need a NEW job"...whatever your problems are, write 'em down and give 'em to God by placing your problem on paper into your God Box. One of the most important things you need to do, though, is to Let Go of the Outcome. That's why the saying, "This or Something Better for the Highest Good of All Concerned" has been placed in the bottom of your God Box.

Every so often, go through your God Box and see which concerns or problems have been addressed ... Did you make that mortgage payment? If so, take that paper out and place it in your Blessings Jar. Your prayers have been answered and you can actually see that you've been blessed. By doing these things, you will soon notice that God really is working in your life because you can visually see all the colorful blessings He has bestowed upon you.

But, whenever you start worrying, or fretting, or obsessing about your particular concern, go to your God Box and take out the paper that has your problem written all over it. Realize you're holding onto your problem and that you're not turning it over to God.

Then remember to Let Go and Let God handle it. He has certainly done it before and He will certainly do it again.