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"The Young man"

A young man once stood on his porch and sighed.
Why do I feel like someone just died?
I know life's not easy it's not supposed to be fair.
But why do I feel like I just don't care?
Nothing has happened that's sudden and brash.
It just sort of builds like an untreated rash.
Before you know it your starting to feel.
That this can't be happening this isn't for real.
Your gut's have been feeling this burn for a while.
But you cover it up with a quick witted smile.
Nobody knows what your feeling inside.
Until you explode and there's nothing to hide.
It all gets exposed for the world to see.
And everyone says I'm glad he's not me.
You think you know me and feel my pain.
Well I'll tell you I think your insane.
Nobody knows for sure what I feel
I alone feel it and assure you it's real.
So if you see this man don't assume he's okay.
Don't pass him by as you go on your way.
Give him a hug and make sure he's alright.
And make an otherwise dismal day, sunny and bright.
By.... Mark Stutzman

DS 12/27/99

I lived in a darkness for most of my life,,,
I found this piece while surfing
and I know today I am not alone in these feelings....

Today I have light..but the darkness can creep in anytime
if I choose to let it...ds 1/4/2000