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Sept. 7, 8 ,9  2001 
AA gathering 
chat room  friends of Bill W.
bring a friend All welcome!!


Once again we had a wonderful time in May!!
I got to meet some new friends and some old.
 I hope to meet up with some more new friends this time. 
There is something about sitting around a camp fire 

listening to others share and  
to feel the peace and serenity around you!!!!
Thank God for this wonderful gift!!

I have listed below  some websites 
you can go to and find places to stay..
That part is up to you ( hehe!! ) 
if you need any other info
 e-mail me 

 and here are links for cabins

place we can meet up at

 here is where you can go to get directions  MapQuest driving directions.

One last bit of info....when we arrive on Friday ,
  we just settle in, sit around the camp fire
 and chat .. get to know who is who .
Friday night around camp fire we will probably have a meeting
Saturday Big Meeting at  2pm at Serenity rock
( I will check meeting time @ McBeths when I arrive)
Saturday night sit around camp fire
 probably go to or have a meeting ( all who are interested)
For those of you who just want to come
for the serenity and sit back and relax that is A OK with us!!!!
 God Bless Peace be with you all
Hope to meet you there

Please  take the time and sign my guest book.
 would love to know if you can attend this wonderful camp out!!!
thanks God Bless