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this is to say "THANK YOU ALL" for being there when I
needed you,,a hug in the chat room or a phone call or
just being there saying just what I needed when I
needed it most,,,I got this in my mail tonight and it
came at a time most needed,,,and I just wanted all my
friends in and out of chat to know how special and
grateful I am to you,,,Have a wonderful holiday and
God Bless,,,thanks again,,,everyone that is on this
list is special in there own way and has been there
for me in the last 11 months and touched a part of me
inside.. :) :) they say if you reach out your hand
,,then you will be touched,,, :)


"Lord sometimes"

. . .You allow breakages, so You can rebuild
. . .You allow wounds, so You can heal
. . .You allow me to walk in darkness, so that I see Your light
. . .You allow me to be confused, so I seek Your truth
. . .You allow me to be empty, so You can fill me
. . .You allow me to be lonely, so I can see what a friend You are
. . .You allow me to learn hard things, so I can be a gentle teacher
. . .You allow me to be void of feelings, so I learn to walk by faith
. . .You take away my future plans, to teach me to live one day at a 
. . .You allow me to see the futility of life, so I will see that
is loss compared to the surpassing value of knowing your son Jesus 
my Lord

Mr. Mom's Mailing List -

DS 3/26/2000

I was going through my files and I came across this...
" ----
Lord Sometimes"---- It just says so much in such a
short message. I am SO Grateful to the many
wonderful People I have meet in here and in the rooms
of A.A. God Bless you all...peace......