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A Power Greater Then Myself

I learned being around the rooms of A.A. for 6 years prior to coming back this time, that I had to find a power greater then myself in order to grow. I never got this when I first entered the rooms and as a result I was domed to repeat.

I thought I could find an easyer way on my own, but as always my way got me drunk. Before entering the rooms this time I had what is know as a spiritual awaking.

I lay lifeless on my couch, darkness all around me and death breathing down my neck... I was weak , broken and tattered. Life was no longer worth living and I was ready for death. But, at that very thought A light went off in my head.

A power, greater than myself, spoke to me and gave me a choice to live or to die. There was hope, I thought for the first time. I got my weary body up and a small smile came to my face as the tears of hope ran down my face.

God had spoken to me. He was giving me a sign, all I had to do was follow him and have some faith...He was giving me a chance at a new freedom at life.

I wanted this,,,

thats what was different this time,,I wanted this for me !. Not for my kids or my husband or my family,,just for me ! I was afraid and shakin,,,it was fear that has kept me down in the darkness for so long. The path is going to be long and hard. I have alot of growing to do.

"One Day At A Time".

Have to get my house cleaned out. But I,m not alone, I have a power greater then myself today who I choose to call God :)

And knowing he is by my side helping me and guiding me down the path I,ll be O.K.

And I ask for his help each morning To not pick up that first drink or drug, and thank him for another day,and each nite for another sober and clean day and I smile :)


8/23/99,,, updated 12/12/99

DS 99'

special thanks to K.H. you DA BEST BABE!!