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We must be the change we wish to see in the world"


Instead of viewing sadness, anger, and fear as emotions of despair, we must
allow them to be the instruments that show us the depths of our compassion. 
The very                                                                    
        fact that we are so deeply troubled by war reflects that our soul is
love, and seeks peace.  We are larger than our struggles, and we must let a
sense of inner calm empower us to bring support and healing to those who
need encouragement in uncertain times.

In times of darkness, we are continually reminded of the richness and wonder
of life.  We better recognize all we take for granted, from the very basic
needs of survival, to the profound and intricate
workings of our souls.  This moment of realization becomes the silver lining
of the looming cloud. In painful times, we can loose hope or we can choose
to live in new ways.

We may not be able to change the world single handedly, but we can change
our own minds and hearts. Slowly and steadily,  one by one, we can initiate
this same change in others by sharing our vision and showing them their own
strengths.  It is through that ripple effect vast waves of true spiritual
power are reborn into the World.
When we are empowered, we feel peace and we become peace.
There is no darkness that can withstand the light of an awakened soul.

Today's Exercise:

Today, create peace.  Choose peace in your own life, and bring peace
to the life of another.  Reflect on ways that you can manifest peace each
day, regardless of world events. Reflect on the importance of not
surrendering to feelings of fear and powerlessness.  Record your peace
progress in your journaling.



Donna S. 4/02/03
Tina thanks for sharing. I get so much out of what you send.
 Your posts are usually right where I am at.
 I just think it is nice how we can relate and share and be there for each other today.
God Love ya