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To Donna S.

A 'Thank You'
That Comes from the Heart

You're really something...
do you know that?

You go out of your way
when you don't have to;
you have the ability to
brighten the days
in ways that no one else
is able to do.
And you really deserve to know
how very much you're appreciated...
because you are.

The special people in this world
really make a difference.

And you are definitely
one of them.

    - Collin McCarty

Thank you so much

Keep it Simple
Live Within the Day

- Anne W.

Today I decided to give back what was so freely givin to me. 
I went to an AA site that had anniversaries on it. I sent out about 40 cards to say Congrates 
on another day of Sobriety. It helps me to be a better person inside.
 Not expecting anything in return,,,
 I got this from some of the people I sent a card to. 
God I love My Sober Life today!!!!
I am Very Grateful for another day.
And I'm going to keep coming!!!!!

below is where this card is from...stop by and check it out .

Blue Mountainexcite Blue Mountain

"A 'Thank You' / That Comes from the Heart"
by Collin McCarty

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